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Chairman's Greeting

US-Korea Alliance Foundation

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US-Korea Alliance Foundation

Greetings, I am Chap Petersen, the Chairman of the US-Korea Alliance Foundation (USKAF).

Virginia is home to one of the largest Korean-American populations in the United States, and I’m so proud to serve our community in my role as a chairman of the foundation and a State Senator.

The diplomatic relationship between the US and Korea stem from the negotiations that first occurred 140 years ago, becoming Korea’s first treaty with a western nation. This important partnership will continue to grow, resulting in more commerce, trade, and economic prosperity for both countries.

We must continue to educate the next generation about the importance of the US-Korea alliance in the US and we believe that USKAF will serve as a vital element in strengthening these ties and furthering the friendship between the US and Korea.

My Korean name is 김유신, the same as General Kim Yushin who was Korean military general and politician in 7th century Silla. He led the unification of the Korean Peninsula by Silla under the reign of King Muyeol and King Munmu. As a chairman of USKAF, I will keep working hard to enhance the US-Korea alliance for the bright future of both nations.

Thank You.

Chairman   Chap Petersen