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Chairman's Greeting

US-Korea Alliance Foundation

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to reinforce the US-Korea Alliance and support US military personnel.

US-Korea Alliance Foundation

The alliance between the US and Korea, dating back to the United States-Korea Treaty of 1882 and Armistice Agreement in 1953, has had an immense role in keeping a peaceful Korean Peninsula. The dedication and commitment of US Forces as part of these partnerships has been instrumental in its success and is very much appreciated. I thank all those who served, both Korean War Veterans and those US Forces in Korea since 1953, for their sacrifice and contribution ensuring a safe and secure nation.

Our US-Korea Alliance Foundation provides leadership for the development, promotion, and advancement of the alliance between US and Korea through education organizing and hosting events in US and Korea. We remember and honor the sacrifice of soldiers devoted to the Alliance through various activities while educating the next generation of Koreans in US about the Korean War and the history of our strong relationships.

I firmly believe that US and Korea must continue to strengthen our alliance advancing our common goal, PEACE. Let’s achieve it together!

Thank You.

President Tracy Comstock